MA for Teachers and Diploma in Math Education

The department offers two part-time programs designed specifically for high school mathematics teachers.

The MA in Mathematics for Teachers is a part-time program with courses offered in the evenings. This program focuses on giving the student an overview of various mathematical fields and issues of relevance to high school teachers. It works well for current teachers wishing to upgrade their credentials with a Master's degree. To complete the MA for Teachers, students are required to take 36 credits.  Students typically complete the program within 6 academic terms (two years).

Students may also be interested in the Graduate Diploma in Mathematics Education. The diploma focuses on mathematics education as an area of study grounded in teaching practice, learning theories, and curriculum development.

Complete details of program requirements for both the MA in Mathematics for Teachers and Diploma in Math Education, as well as relevant course listings are available in the Graduate Mini-Calendar. Please note that neither program leads to a teaching certificate.

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